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Utilizing accounting skills to investigate, examine and analyze financial information and records for use in legal proceedings. Investigating and analyzing accounting and financial evidence. Communicating findings in the form of legal reports and documentations. Assisting in legal proceedings, including testifying in court as an expert witness and preparing and organizing trial support accounting evidence.


Legal Accounting Expert

We are forensic accountants, business valuators and investigators. We serve insurers, businesses, public institutions and legal advisers in UAE. Dagate has team of specialists provide expert support and guidance. We focus on facilitating highly professional, commercially sensitive and proactive investigation for analysis and reporting. Our team has the ability to undertake a full investigation into policy or legal liability and with a comprehensive array of investigation techniques covering intelligence gathering to analysis, we are able to deliver an effective investigation and early settlement, where appropriate.

  • Investigative Procedures
  • Examine Documentation
  • Advice in Dispute
  • اQuantify Losses
  • Expert Report
  • Formulate Strategies
  • Accounting Litigation Support
  • Aid clients and lawyers to meet litigation objectives
  • Support counsels in researching records, identifying related assets and document preparation
  • Quantification litigation financial damages
  • Assist in obtaining the necessary documentation to support or refute a claim
  • Review the damages report by the opposing expert
  • Help with settlement discussions and negotiations
  • Provide assistance with cross-examination opposing expert
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Fraud prevention and detection program
  • Establishment and maintenance of strong and effective internal controls
  • SOPs development and training
  • Segregation of duties and delegation of duties
  • Creating an anti-fraud policy and code of conduct
  • Conducting surprise audits
  • Establishing a whistleblower’s hotline
  • Compliance and anti-fraud training
  • Perform financial restatements
  • Assess accounting and financial reporting impacts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles
  • Perform forensic accounting and financial analysis on business and financial records.
  • Identify issues due to financial statement misstatements and inadequate disclosure
  • Report findings and explain restatement entries
  • Enhance accounting skills for lawyers and legal
  • Understanding the story behind the numbers to form a full picture of the legal matter
  • How to read the Financial Statements
  • Describe accounting key concepts
  • How Managers Influence Financial Information
  • Effective use of accounting experts in accounting and commercial disputes

 if you have questions on how to conduct forensic accounting and successful investigation processes to avoid instances of fraud. Outsource forensic accounting and fraud examination services to Da Gate.

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