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Da Gate is a Registered Tax Agent Agency in UAE by the Federal Tax Authority. Under the Tax Agent Services Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures – Business entities needs a tax agent who would represent the authority on behalf of the business entity and assist them with tax obligations and laws associated with it.

Our team of certified public and charted accountants will look after the issues on your tax matters and will present your tax case to FTA for the fulfillment of tax obligation. As now since it is important to appoint an expert to handle all your tax matters.

Appointing a Tax Agent

Da Gate can advise you as to the applicable UAE VAT laws and regulations and we will consult with you on the preparation of your UAE VAT return processes to ensure that your company does not incur any penalties from improper compliance. We are dedicated to educating our UAE professional and intelligent clients, who desire to be kept aware as to UAE tax laws. Having the wrong understanding of your VAT position at any stage of the supply chain can lead to significant costs and possibly even wipe out your profit margin.

Benefits of Tax Agent

By appointing Da Gate as your Tax Agent in the UAE you can get below following benefits:

  • Representation of your Tax records in Arabic language to the concerned authority through our proficient professional, and the taxable person need not to worry if he doesn’t have records in Arabic
  • All the financial documents and accounting records are to be maintained for 5 years by a taxable person. Hence appointing us as your Tax Agent in UAE –will give you more comfort to fulfil compliance requirements set by a FTA.
  • Our professional team always update themselves with the latest changes in the law to eliminates the possibility of penalty on noncompliance of the new provisions.
  • Appointing us as your Tax Agent or at least a Tax Consultant will help the taxable person to identify the factors affecting your taxation compliance and fulfill them with a better tax planning.
  • Da Gate as your Tax Agent can represent on your behalf in front of the Federal Tax Authority for tax return filling, appeals and tax audit support.
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