Tax Agents

The companies in the UAE have had difficulties in understanding the implications and applications of the newly introduced VAT tax system in the UAE. To understand the taxation in UAE, businesses need expert advice. This is where Certified Tax Agents come in.

A tax agent is “any Person registered with the Authority in the Register, who is appointed on behalf of another Person to represent him before the Authority and assist him in the fulfillment of his Tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights states that a “Tax Agent.”

A tax agent in general terms can help individuals and companies in their tax obligations and rights in accordance with the law, to help them avoid getting penalise. Tax Agents can represent clients in front of FTA and contact FTA directly for any tax related concerns of the clients.

A tax agent not only helps clients in VAT filing, but also to understand the compliance behind each value in their taxes.

Overall, a tax agent takes the burden away from the entrepreneurs related to taxes and gives them the time to focus on their business goal.

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