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Course outline:

Accounting needs to be viewed as a complete function, not just as a single process because the accounting function has many elements and components. Having a proper accounting system in place offers several benefits to SME owners and management. For a start, it allows them to make informed business decisions. It also helps owners to manage cash flow and liquidity; identify areas of the business that needs improvement; capture opportunities; communicate with investors, bankers and auditors; make the business more profitable; promote operation efficiency; leverage the business’ strengths; and evaluate costing and pricing.

Course outline:

VAT has become a reality in the UAE economy.

Are you familiar and ready?

To help your organization professionally and practically?

The course is to educate managers, heads of business, accountants and economists of the mechanisms and challenges that may be faced when applying VAT in their work where many points will be discussed and which concerning the mechanism of application and its implications and the extent of its readiness and to maintain the dues of the establishments that can wasted as a result of the wrong application of tax laws. The program will provide a comprehensive and simplified explanation of the basics Vat themes will give you the confidence to manage VAT accurately.

The course offers interesting value-added tax principles and necessities and the course explains the regulations and controls to be adhered to ensure full compliance with VAT and get the highest refunds from Tax inputs are included in what is permitted by tax laws and controls. The course also covers how to reduce tax risks and what criteria to follow for the actual application of VAT in accounting systems and records as well as the provision of accurate and timely tax declarations.

Course outline:

Tax risks have risen the agenda of organizations. Management is now increasingly demanding more assurances on their companies’ tax structures. This specialized tax training course is directed toward internal auditors whose role is to ensure that the company’s structure and functions are tax compliant. The internal auditor plays a significant role in developing tax risk management approach for management. Therefore, it is necessary for internal auditors to develop their tax knowledge and skills professionally to perform their audit duties successfully.

Course outline:

This specialized accounting training course will take legal professionals (Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Paralegals, etc.) through the accounting system and how the financial statements are developed. Furthermore, the course(s) would clarify accounting key concepts to aid legal professionals evaluate the true nature of transactions, critically examine contractual provisions involving terms like ‘true sale’ or ‘net income’, spot ‘red flags’ in transactions, understand the economic realities of a deal and its consequences.

Course outline:

Regional and global corporate management of various companies are feeling the pressure to improve their business overall performance. There is a need for leaner and more effective organizations; to do more with less. The challenge is to identify the key benchmarks that make the viable difference for their business performance. But where and how to start?

The diagnostic analysis training will direct companies in defining performance gaps and identify areas for process improvement in clear, specific and achievable terms. It aids companies identify where it wants to go and how to get there. This course will develop skills necessary to identify and perform an effective diagnostic analysis that will solve problems, improve processes, and take their projects, departments, and organization to the next level. Diagnostic analysis was developed as a mechanism for assisting businesses and corporates to better understand their operations and examine both strategic and operational aspects of the management process.

Course outline:

1. Providing lawyers with the importance of the role of the forensic expert in legal disputes

2. How the forensic expert performs his work in the dispute case.

3. Strengthening legal issues and disputes with various technical forensic accounting expert.

4. Helping lawyers to resolve disputes of an accounting and financial nature to reach a proper proof of facts.

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