VAT Advisory Services


We deliver premier quality VAT Advisory services to UAE businesses needing expertise from VAT professionals. Our industry leading VAT consultants have Big Four experience in the UAE and top client credentials to match. We structure your business in accordance with federal tax authorities (FTA) VAT requirements. We know the UAE VAT rules; we can fulfill your requirements in compliance with rules and regulation of VAT in UAE. Our certified accountants can maintain your books of accounts and will have to do audit for financial statement for tax purpose. Our professional VAT Advisory approach in planning and executing the audit assignment help you in managing all matters of VAT and taxation matters.

Help you in getting VAT compliant

Da Gate can advise you as to the applicable UAE VAT laws and regulations and we will consult with you on the preparation of your UAE VAT return processes to ensure that your company does not incur any penalties from improper compliance. We are dedicated to educating our UAE professional and intelligent clients, who desire to be kept aware as to UAE tax laws. Having the wrong understanding of your VAT position at any stage of the supply chain can lead to significant costs and possibly even wipe out your profit margin.

Importance of VAT

Underestimating the importance of how UAE VAT impacts your business could lead to:

  • Lost cash through irrecoverable VAT (VAT on imports, operating costs and purchase)
  • VAT penalties and fines by FTA through non-compliance with VAT rules and deadlines of VAT return filling.
  • Incurring unnecessary VAT compliance costs through inefficient VAT structures
  • Slow payments from customers for incorrect VAT invoicing
  • Damage to professional reputation and future business opportunities because of no VAT structure.

Ignoring or not dealing with your VAT compliance effectively and efficiently is not productive in terms of time or money – our active VAT management can help your business grow with the comfort of knowing that any VAT issues are dealt with correctly.

How to be VAT Compliant?

We will help you devise strategies to meet that most important objective of implementation of VAT rules in your business. VAT rules can be complex if not planned carefully as each stage of implementation needs time and resources to meet the requirement.

Our dedicated VAT team will help you consider every stage of the implementation process and ensure the optimum VAT mechanism is in place.

VAT Implementation

Our certified VAT consultants has the experience of VAT implementation from small to large SME businesses and help your organization to stream your business structure according to the UAE VAT laws and regulation. We offer you

  • Assist with the VAT registration
  • Analysis of the VAT impact on your business
  • Analysis of IT system and accounting requirements
  • VAT returns Preparation and filling
  • Assistance in claiming VAT refunds
  • VAT trainings to the business owners and consultants
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