VAT Returns Filling


For VAT Returns Filing, Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has created an online portal available under e-services and Form is available with name of VAT 201 which is used for VAT Returns Filing. A taxable organization is responsible to submit VAT return as prescribed format given by the FTA within 28 days from the end of each tax period. This must be in accordance with the provisions of the UAE VAT law. The taxable person is also liable to remit the amount of tax due with the same time frame of 28 days.

How the VAT returns – Form VAT201 – are filed?

VAT Returns are to be filed through online portal of the FTA. One has to access the VAT Return Form by login into the e-services of the FTA portal by using the respective username and password. Our Expert will help you fill the VAT return form with all relevant information within the due date prescribed by the authority.

How do we help you for filing your VAT Return – Form VAT201?

Da Gate’s Tax consultants can support you in the following areas:

  • We will visit your office on a periodical basis (weekly/monthly/Quarterly) to review the information for filing the VAT Return. At the end of each VAT return period, we prepare the VAT return of behalf of your company in accordance with the provisions of UAE VAT law.
  • We ensure that the VAT returns are filed within the specified time in each tax period.
  • Proper guidance for the payment of Accurate Tax Liability as per the provisions of the UAE VAT Law will be advised
  • Optimal Tax Planning for the company will be done.
  • We will be available to represent in front of the authority on behalf of you as and when required.


The content of the VAT Return Form includes the following:

Output Tax:

  • Tax Liabilities under Standard Rated Supplies (5%) emirates wise.
  • Tax Liabilities on goods imported through customs.
  • Tax on goods imported on which tax liabilities are not created – if any.
  • Tax liability on import of services.
  • Tax refunds provided to tourists.

Input Tax:

  • Tax on Standard Rated purchases
  • Tax on Standard rated expenses.
  • Tax on import of goods
  • Tax on import of services

Tax amount disclosed under Output Tax over and above the Input Tax is the amount to be paid to the FTA for a particular tax period within the due date.

The VAT return discloses the Tax amount due (or refundable as the case may be) for a Tax Period. One has to disclose the total output tax payable as well as the input credit available against such Output separately. Excess of Output Tax over and above the Input Tax for a tax period is the amount of Tax Liability to be paid.

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