Tax Agent - Puzzle-

Why Choose Us as your Tax Agent?

Because we understand VAT is much more than just filing return
  • We are FTA certified agency
  • Da Gate Hmc have been in the UAE since 2013
  • We have experience with different accounting systems across the globe
  • We know the working of the financial systems of the local laws
  • We are educated by with current law
  • We believe in providing personalised services to our clients to their best suitable needs
  • Our clientele is spread across various sectors, helping us to understand different markets
  • We provide Multi-lingual services as we have employees from various backgrounds with expertise in finance and business sector

We are different from other consultants as

  • Our services do not just extend to filing taxes, but also providing credible compliance services i.e. assurance the VAT has been filled correctly and within the regulations of the FTA to avoid penalties and misconducts
  • Our services include assessment of different tax areas
  • Our services as a Tax Agent provides representation before FTA for financial legal cases
  • Our services as a Tax Agents extend to providing report accepted by the UAE Courts and public prosecutor for client’s cases
  • Our expert consultants are Professional Trainers in training companies with their VAT Compliance across various department
Tax Agent - Puzzle-

Tax Agent – Puzzle-

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